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My conscription diaries - part 2

Thursday May 15th 2014
Caption: I declare my conscientious objection on the military service in the International Day for Conscientious Objectors
This morning i headed at 8:00 am to the Egyptian Military :intelligence Center at Nasr city after what happened on Tuesday in the recruitment  department in Assiut upon reporting me for answering the questionnaire which the Military Establishment considered as offense so they transferred me to the Military Intelligence  for investigation.
First of all there were 12 persons waiting in front of The Military Intelligence building, all have security issues most of them has other nationalities or has relatives belong to Muslim brotherhood or other Islamic groups.
We all were waiting for the Military Recruiting Department delegate of Assiut, whose role was to deliver us into the Intelligence building and deliver our paper to the assigned officer.
Despite the fact that our appointment was at 8:00 am, the delegate arrived 5 hours later and all of that time we were waiting in front of the building in the very hot weather without knowing when will the delegate arrive.
We tried to reach him over the phone and he kept stalling in every call saying that he will come after five minutes for five hours in a row.
You can't imagine the suffer we faced at that time besides that there were some people who arrived from Assiut at 4:00am concerned with the appointment exact time who waited for 9 hours in the street.
Then he arrived and we entered the building at 1:00 pm. They went through our stuff and our personal clothes, they took our cell phones,keys, watches, rings, and everything metallic away. We entered the reception room which was 3x4 meters and inside was 15 chairs and the room was very narrow considering our number and us waiting out side the building for more than 5 hours in the burning sun. We were all exhausted and personally i felt i had a drop in the blood circulation and blood pressure because of the lack of ventilation in the room.
It was approximately 1:30pm because as i mentioned earlier they took our watches and everything we can use to determine time. We felt like we were in prison.
Then we waited for nearly two hours till a conscript entered the room and he called four of us to begin the investigation. The investigation didn't last for more than 5 minutes each, then the officer left and never called any of us till 6:30 pm.
All of a sudden the atmosphere was very irritating, the soldiers ( conscripts ) were tiding up everything and they made all the people waiting for the investigation to stand up, and they began to call them for investigation and i was one of the last people called; because the manager of the area was coming.
I entered the bureau of the investigator assigned officer, he was at the age of thirty dressed as a civilian. 
Supposedly the investigation was about the questionnaire that was in Assiut and my opinion in the Military Service and the whole Military Establishment, but i was surprised when he ignored the questionnaire and began to ask me about my brother Maikel Nabil Sanad, and he started asking,
Q : Why was Maikel imprisoned ?
A : Because of an article he wrote.
Q : What was its title ?
A : The army and the people weren't ever one hand.
Q : when did he get arrested ?
A : 28th of March 2011.
Q : 2011 that is close, and for how long  he was sent in ?
A : 3 years then they became 2 years after the resumption then he was released by Tantawy.
Q : Your brother, did he d his military duty or did he escape ?
A : He was released, by the end of 2011.
Q : What faculty did he graduate from ?
A : Faculty of veterinary medicine.
Q : What are your religious beliefs ?
A :  I think this is personal (he probably asked me because i didn't fell this space in the formal documents).
Q : Did you come to the Military Intelligence before ?
A : No
Q : Did you go to the national security ?
A : No
Q : General Intelligence in Koubry El-Qobba ?
A : No
Q : State Security ?
A : No
Q : Your father is working ?
A : Yes
Q : Your mother is working ?
A : Yes
Q : Are your parents supporting you ?
A : I refuse to answer to this because it is personal.
Q : Do you want to add anything else ?
A : I guess you've had enough.
The investigation was finished at 7:30 and i left.
Sunday 18th of May is the appointment set for me to know my security situation in the Recruitment center in Assiut based on the Military Intelligence Investigation.

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